Ekasi eSports has a Counter Strike team

Posted at: 2018-02-08 16:21:06


Ekasi Esports is the first official esports club in Soweto, and being determined to make their mark on gaming in South Africa, the club has forged forward to create Soweto's first CounterStrike: GO team.

Under the watchful eye of team manager Smilo Gosa, the team is expected to do great things as Sibonelo Vilakazi, Michael Mbatha, Buhle Dludla, Jabulani Mthombeni, Kabelo Selesho and Perfect Zikhali take on all comers.

In fact, Smilo has made it quite clear to a number of MSSA officials, that under his guidance, he will train up his team to the level of entering the Protea Team and represent South Africa in official championships.

The gauntlet has been thrown down, now all that remains is to see SOWETO's best astound all.

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  • +27 11 123 0000 or +27 78 952 8570
  • 2202 Mahalefele road, Dube, Soweto